Why Consign at Cutiques?

Are you redecorating or de-cluttering and ready to recycle some of your gently used furniture or household items? Bring them to Cutiques Consignment Store and enjoy the benefits that come with consigning.

Consigning your furniture and home goods gives you the opportunity to earn money for items you are no longer using without a lot of effort on your part. No yard sales, no online listings, no one coming to your home. Just bring us the items you are no longer using, and receive cash for them once your items sell! It’s fast, easy and a great way to make some money for redecorating, paying some bills or saving for a family vacation!

Consigning your Gently Used Furniture and Household Items Makes Sense: Whether you are downsizing, cleaning out or redecorating, consigning your unwanted furniture and home décor makes sense in three ways.

  1. It lets someone else enjoy the household items you no longer need.
  2. We are recycling your items rather than filling a landfill with more stuff.
  3. And the most fun part – consigning means extra money in your pocket. You can take the money as cash or get a higher percentage as a store credit so you can find some new treasures.

Consigning at Cutiques Consignment Store is a Great Choice:

  1. At Cutiques, there is no appointment needed.
  2. You can bring in your items to be consigned 7 days a week, any time.
  3. We have the experience to price your items at the price points that will sell. You’ll earn 40% or more of the sale price of your items.
  4. You can take your earned money as cash OR a get even more as a store credit.

Get the full details here: How To Consign Furniture and Home Décor at Cutiques Consignment Store.

  Furniture and home décor consignment stores like Cutiques, Inc. are becoming increasingly popular retail destinations for smart consumers. There are two simple reasons our customers love Cutiques. First, our customers have fun finding the perfect pieces to redecorate their home and buying them at a fraction of the prices of mall stores. Second, our customers have fun watching us RESELL their unwanted furniture and home goods because it puts money in their pocket. I think the folks that are doing both are having the most fun of all!  

-Cassandra Abramson, Founder / Owner