Terraria Multi-Level Biome Playset with accessories

Terraria Multi-Level Biome Playset with accessories

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Product Description

Dig, Fight, and Build deep into the unexplored world with this Terraria Multi Level Biome Set! Venture through layers of land and lava with a fully-functional mine cart and track, lighting the way with illuminated torches and sword that fits in the hands of the Exclusive Molten Armor figure. This 18 x29 inch set layers one adventure on top of the other, beginning with a top tier of Purity including peggable trees and a mountainous landscape - and once you're down to the second tier, you can knock through ore blocks to get down to the bottom level. Set the tone with sounds that fit either day or night as you delve into an Underworld overflowing with a translucent wall of lava that eventually leads to a lava pool. Easy to assemble and bustling with combat and functionality, the Terraria Multi Level Biome set is your habitat for excitement!

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Category: Activity Toy

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