PosyBath Lavender & Lily NEW Bath Sachet

PosyBath Lavender & Lily NEW Bath Sachet

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Product Description

PosyBath Lavender & Lily NEW Bath Sachet
A blend of natural Lavender and Lily flowers, with Lavender Bath Salt in a big tea sachet, that enhance natural wellness and provide the soothing effects of a good bath.
Run your bath as you like it. Add whole sachet into bath water. Gently squeeze the sachet while in the water for extra infusion. Bring the sachet under your nose to enjoy the gentle aroma. Finish by softly smoothing sachet over your skin for a silky luxury.
Breathe, Indulge, and Release ...
Ingredients: Lavender, Lily, Lavender Bath Salt (sodium sulfate,sodium bicarbonate, fd&c red no.40, fd&c blue no.1, Sillica, lavender fragrance)

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