NIB Monster Mop

NIB Monster Mop

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Product Description

NIB Monster Mop
  • Forget having a whole variety of mops and brushes, with the Monster Exothermic Floor Mop, you can clean up everything from dirt, mud, and dust, to pet hair and crumbs.
  • A lightweight and ergonomic construction make the Monster Mop incredibly manoeuvrable, combined with a tilting head you can be sure to reach every corner and edge without tiring yourself out.
  • When connected to power, your Cleaner can utilise Exothermic Technology to have the superheated plate break down dirt and grease faster and increase the power of cleaning chemicals to save time.
  • Use the Floor Mop with or without power for a hot and thorough clean, or a quick cold scrub and wash.
  • Just add heat to use the Monster Mop to suit your mood. Use water only for a Green clean, or mix with a special floor treatment for a floor expert finish, or even essential oils for a relaxed feel.

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