D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

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Product Description

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur
D-Rex™ is the ultimate pet for boys. A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur robot with an independent "personality," D-Rex™ combines robotics, interactive sensors and reptilian-like skin to create lifelike appearance and behavior. He'll walk, chomp, bare his teeth and roar to let you know what he wants. Pet and feed D-Rex™ to become his master, then surprise friends and family with his charging attack! Like a real pet, D-Rex™ will follow the sound of your voice, make funny noises and even protect your room with his roaring guard mode.
Released:  2008
Discontinued:  2011

  • Brand = Fisher-Price
  • Color = Green
  • Condition = Retired

Item ID: 2925414

Category: Electronic Toy

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